About Sandy Lake


Sandy Lake or "Lake of Spirits" is a watery gem that lies midway between Buckhorn and Lakehurst, and is within twenty miles of Peterborough. It's a very unique and beautiful lake, and is most recognized for its colour. Because it’s very shallow and has a light sandy bottom, the water is a turquoise colour, like the Caribbean.

Strange tales have been told about the lake by the Mississauga Indians as they squatted in their cabins and listened to the winter winds whistle across the Burleigh Township's rocky stretches.

Folklore tells a story about the lake that in the south bay, visible from Lakehurst Road is a large, heart shaped rock known as the "Giants Heart"t. There on calm days, ripples form over the rock formation, causing it to look as though the "Heart" is beating.

The stories may have faded over the years, but many First Nations people still claim “Lake of Spirits” to be a sacred place, where Manitou has given the bass and lunge a silvery armor for protection.

The lake is spring fed, and is crystal clear. Because it is shallow, it warms up early in the season. It's also land locked and has no feeder river, so boat traffic is minimal. It's a peaceful lake, great for a canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boating.


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